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Hi I'm Jasmin, I am 20 year old Graphic Design student currently studying at Glasgow Clyde College. Being creative is my passion and Graphic design allows me to express myself in many ways. My other interests include Music and travelling.


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I then started looking at the darker side, this idea came from one of the typographers I had been researching, Craig Ward, his work is very dramatic and eerie. So I then began going ahead with a ‘cabin in the woods’ concept that would have involved a girl looking out into a forest where someone or something was looking back at her, but again I didn’t think this was enough so I pushed the idea further and started to look into Nyctophobia, Fear of the Dark, and the emotions that can bring onto someone. After further research on certain emotions e.g. anxiety, depression, Paranoia etc. I then looked into the different body movements/stances that would highlight these emotions and began to sketch out different ideas.

I then scanned everything in to Photoshop and played around with layout and size of each image, I then used the levels tool to darken my type and lighten the background to get rid of the sketchbook texture and colour. Once I finalised my layout of the type and image I scanned in the watercolour swatch and cut out my desired shape. To adjust the colour, I used the vibrancy tool to intensify the colours.


My posters main purpose was to highlight the sad/darker side to human emotions that can be brought on at night. The overall look of my posters helps send this message as the rawness of the typography and image reflects the frail nature of the subject within my design. I also avoided using specific genders or age within my design, that is why there is no real face definition in each image, as everyone and any one can feel these emotions at any time in their life. Overall I am very pleased with the outcome of my poster designs and I feel like I have effectively took a unique spin on the theme of ‘Dusk’

​When given the theme of ‘Dusk’ for our brief my first initial idea was to create something very vector based, which would take inspiration from Matthew Skiff, the concept would involve animals of the night e.g. a wolf as that is always the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about darkness and the outdoors, I originally was going to be quite literal with the idea and create a landscape scene but after further evaluation I wanted to go outside the box and think of something more original and out there.

When developing the posters, I used my own typography as it gave the poster a raw and rough look which is what I was going for as this effectively highlighted the meaning behind the posters. I used watercolour consistently throughout each poster design, the reason I used this and presented it in an almost spilled effect was to represent the uncertainty and unpredictable nature of depression, loneliness, fear, guilt etc., these emotions aren’t always there but can consume you and your thoughts  especially at night when you are lying awake thinking about a million different things. The limited colour scheme in each poster represents the emotions e.g. blue – sad, depressed and Red – angry, stressed.

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